Cadbury Is Now Selling A 'Christmas Cottage Kit' That You Need To Try This Holiday Season

Cadbury Is Now Selling A 'Christmas Cottage Kit' That You Need To Try This Holiday Season

Forget gingerbread houses! It's all about chocolate cottages this year and you can get one from Cadbury this Christmas.

Everything chocolate is GOOD, even gingerbread houses. This Christmas, Cadbury is letting you ditch the ever-old tradition of making gingerbread houses and selling delish Christmas cottages made entirely out of chocolate! Now, that's something you know for sure won't end up being wasted.

Priced at $19.60, the cottage is easy to make and comes with everything you will need to make your own yummy cottage. The festive pack itself comes shaped like a little house which is cute AF.

It includes Dairy Milk Bars, Dairy Milk Winter Bar, NEW Dairy Milk with Gingerbread bar, flake and white buttons for you to play around and accessorize.


How to make it? The instructions are easy. '1. Using the template as a guide, cut the Winter Gingerbread Edition bars diagonally with a serrated knife. These are your front and back walls. 2. Remove one row of chocolate chunks from the shorter side of each of the 200g Dairy Milk bars. Reserve 2 chunks for the chimney. 3. Break the Dairy Milk off-cuts into a microwave-safe bowl. 4. Pop the bowl into the microwave and melt the chocolate slowly and carefully. Start with 20 second bursts and reduce the time as the chocolate melts. Stir the melted chocolate well between bursts. 5. Spread melted chocolate along the shorter inside edge of a 200g Dairy Milk bar and press together at a right angle with the long side of the wall you made in step 1, creating an ‘L’ shape. 6. Repeat step 5 to make the opposite ‘L’ shape, then stick the two together using melted chocolate. Allow a few moments to stand. 7. To make the roof, spread a little of the melted chocolate around the edges of the two Winter Wonderland Edition bars and place onto the house, holding and pressing for a few moments to firm. '



'There will be a small gap at the top - don’t worry! This will be covered with your decoration. 8. Make a diagonal cut across one of the two chunks of chocolate reserved in step 2 to make the chimney to allow it to follow the slant of the roof. Stick the chimney to the roof slant side down using melted chocolate. Use more melted chocolate to attach the two Flakes to the top of the roof. 9. Use melted chocolate to attach your White Chocolate Buttons, then add any other decoration you like. As a final touch, dust with icing sugar,' Cadbury adds.



The pack also comes with a gift card and the option to send a personalized message, making the Cadbury cottage a great Christmas gifting option. Check more details here.

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