Build-A-Bear Has Released 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Collection And It's Hauntingly Beautiful

Build-A-Bear Has Released 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Collection And It's Hauntingly Beautiful

With Halloween and Christmas fast approaching, Build-A-Bear has 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' bears available online to rock your celebrations!

Build-A-Bear is one of those classic playtime activities where you can really get a lot of kids involved in the same project. With Halloween right around the corner, the company has announced the launch of an exclusive 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' bears. Now might be a good time to update that October shopping cart! 

“Don’t lose your head,” the company writes on Instagram. “But our NEW Disney The Nightmare Before Christmas collection is now available online!”



The launch comes with two different characters which you can build as bears. One is Jack Skellington and the other is Sally. The Halloween/Christmas crossover could not get more special as your kids would never hesitate to snuggle up to the classic 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' movie. 



For the ones who are fans of the Pumpkin King, the Jack Skellington Build-A-Bear is going to shock and awe you at the same time thanks to its juxtaposed design.

“It’s The Pumpkin King of Halloween Town himself!” the Jack bear’s description reads. “Jack Skellington is a whimsically dark stuffed animal that’s available exclusively online. Fans of Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas can make their own merry misadventures with Jack’s signature suit and ‘This Is Halloween’ song chip included in this bundle. Make every day a haunted holiday and let Jack Skellington sing and dance his way into your collection!”



The bear itself is skeleton white in color and looks innocent enough sporting Jack's signature stitched-on grin and blacked-out eyes. The bear paws appear to have a cobweb-like design on the hands, and the bottoms of the feet feature The Nightmare Before Christmas logo on one foot and Jack's actual face on the other. The bundles come complete with outfits and song clips, with the Jack bear costing you $55.



Now then, onto the Sally -- "Make a new friendship with Sally! Now you can add the beloved ragdoll from Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas to your collection." the product's description reads. 

Sally is stitched together with love and includes her own dress with her signature patchwork print. Plus, this online exclusive bundle includes "Sally's Song" on a sound chip, so you'll be able to hear this Spiral Hill sweetheart's signature song at the press of her paw.

Snuggle up to Sally to make lots of hauntingly fun memories today! 



Both of The Nightmare Before Christmas bears are available for purchase online now on the Build-A-Bear website.  Although Jack usually gets the majority of attention when it comes to The Nightmare Before Christmas decor, toys, and apparel, Sally is the unsung hero of the movie, and in my humble opinion deserves every single speck of credit that Jack typically gets.  


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