9-Year-Old Boy With Cerebral Palsy Wins Halloween With Epic 'Beetlejuice' Costume

9-Year-Old Boy With Cerebral Palsy Wins Halloween With Epic 'Beetlejuice' Costume

The photos are truly heartwarming.

2018's Halloween may still be in most of your memories as a great night lived. But for one kid from Illinois, it meant the whole world. 9-year-old Anthony Alfano set out to conquer his limits and express himself to the fullest on All Saint's Eve. He has put on a wide range of amazing costumes, including Mini-Me, a Blackhawks goalie, Zoltar, and even a Lincoln Memorial snow globe. Anthony hails from Marine Park and has been living with cerebral palsy, ABC reports. To him, Halloween is more than just putting on a costume for fun, it's a way to escape. "He's always seen as Anthony the boy that can't do nothing," dad Tony Alfano said. "I just want to make him not be seen that way. Halloween costume is like the best disguise."



So every year around the time of Halloween, Tony designs and builds costumes for his son from scratch. Then his wife Deanna Alfano, Anthony's mom, puts on the finishing touches. "It's a nice break from the everyday watching other kids run down the block, kick a ball, play with their friends," she said. "You can tell he wishes he could do those things." Because of his condition, little Anthony cannot dress or even feed himself like other children his age. However, the Alfanos definitely make the most of trick-or-treating so that he can feel better about this special holiday. So needless to say, every Halloween night, Anthony goes home with a full bag of candy, and his favorite is M&Ms. 



Anthony's most memorable costume was the recreation of the famous waiting room scene from the movie "Beetlejuice". His dad constructed a mock couch around Anthony's old wheelchair and had mannequins surrounding his seat. "He has like a stigma for having special needs," Deanna said. "So this is a way that they look at him and they see this like bright, happy kid, and it makes them feel good. In return puts a smile on his face, when he gets all the attention." The year before that, he was the Wheel of Fortune and came dressed with a spinning wheel just like the one on the show. That costume in particular got him quite a bit of popularity, including a stop by Windy City Live, where Wheel of Fortune actually invited Anthony to Los Angeles, the outlet reported. 



"We got to go and see and meet Pat and Vanna and watch two live tapings," Deanna said. "Anthony was ecstatic." His father stated that it was "the best feeling ever" and compared it to "watching your kid hit a home run in a baseball game." With each year that passes, the costumes only seem to get better and better. "There's room for more," he said. "He motivates me to do what I have to do as a dad."

"It's kind of like we've built this platform for other families," Deanna said. "It feels like this was kind of like our purpose to bring Anthony into people's lives and homes and to brighten their day and put a smile on their face."


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