Black Succulents Are A Thing Now And They Are The Perfect Halloween Decor

Black Succulents Are A Thing Now And They Are The Perfect Halloween Decor

These dark shaded succulents are perfect for people who love to add a spooky touch to their house.

Succulents have always been around, and have been a gorgeous gardening trend, and it doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon.  While we have been accustomed to fleshy green, purple, red and blue ones, there comes another color that is bound to take your breath away.  Black succulents are all the rage and lend an eerie goth-like vibe to your decor, which is perfect for Halloween, and really what's not to love about that? These succulents are known to be a different variety of echeveria and are known as Sinocrassula yunnanensis. It is a densely-packed plant that comes with a clump of rosettes.






These succulents come in a myriad of shapes and sizes. Typically, they are a deep green hue, but because it is so dark, it generally appears to be black. Nicknamed the Black Prince, the dark leaves of this plant make for a great centerpiece that will go with the spooky decor of your house right in time for Halloween. These black succulents are priced at $9.85 on Amazon and can grow up to six inches tall and eight inches wide.  Besides Amazon, a few other retailers like Succulent Caffees and Walawala Studio also sells the plants online at Etsy. Once you get these one-of-a-kind succulents, they will look amazing in a marble planter or on your nightstand or windowsill.  No matter where you chose to place it, they are sure to make a statement.








These black succulents with thick leaves also look similar to a screaming Demogorgon, and it has gained even more popularity with the release of Stranger Things. In case you are looking for succulents with two shades, then check out this 'Black Knight' echeveria. This variety of succulents have rosettes of thick, curved, pointed leaves, but turn a darker shade as they grow. Another variety of dark succulent is Aeonium arboreum 'Zwartkop'. The shade of this succulent varies from dark purple to black. 

Commonly known as the Black Rose aeonium, these plants can grow to be more than three feet in height and the leaves span to about eight inches in diameter. The Black Rose Aeonium is available on Amazon for $12.99.  If dark succulents, for whatever reason, is not up your alley,  then don't fret. You can check out these beautiful rose succulents. Scientifically known as Aeonium dodrantale or Greenovia dodrantalis, this is a gorgeous green-colored succulent that looks almost identical to a rose. While you are handling a rose succulent, you have to keep in mind that these plants don't fare very well under frosty conditions for long periods of time.   


Another unusual quirk of this plant is that they are summer dormant, which means that they do most of their growing in the winter, rather than the summer. It is advised not to fertilize the plant during summer and water it less than you would a regular succulent. During summer, try watering your rose succulent every couple of days, and in winter, water it once a week. These rose succulents have also earned a prime position in the world of succulents, and for good reason. Just one look at them, and you just might find yourself heading to the nursery to get one for your home.  

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