These Stunning Black Magic Petunias Are The Perfect Flowers To Goth Up Your Garden

These Stunning Black Magic Petunias Are The Perfect Flowers To Goth Up Your Garden

These unique petunia flowers entered the gardening scene fairly recently and are now famous because 'black goes with everything'

If you have a beautiful and colorful flower garden that you take pride in, here's something that can up your game. There is actually a strain of petunia flowers that could honestly be every goth's dream come true. We all know that petunias are pretty and dainty looking flowers, but there is an unusual-looking one called the Black Magic Petunia, which will amp up your garden, metal rock style!    

Not a lot of people are aware of dark-colored petunias unless they are an avid gardener, and add an element of mystery to your garden. These black-colored petunias have had their fair share of accolades and criticism. It is also a fairly recent entry into the gardening scene when it debuted in 2011 as "Black Velvet." But it was the star of the Greenhouse Grower's Association Evening of Excellence. a year before that, according to Dave's Garden. The gardening site also stated, "The selling point and slogan accompanying this petunia, it appears, will be "Black goes with everything!"



Indeed, it does. You can pair the black flowers with bright ones to make their colors pop. "So while I've paired my petunias with lacy white flowers of Diamond Frost euphorbia, combinations with bright pinks, reds, oranges, and yellows promise to be eye-catching," stated Marianne C. Ophardt, who wrote for the Tri-City Herald. The writer decided to breed some black petunias herself and noted its requirements and outcome. She wrote, "Black Velvet is not a trailing "spiller." It develops an upright, mounded habit growing from eight to 12 inches high and wide. It's supposed to bloom early in the season and remain covered with sweet-scented flowers most of the season."



The black petunias are supposedly heat- and drought-tolerant. There is also no need for deadheading, which refers to the removal of faded or dead flowers from plants, to keep it blooming. Surprisingly. it is quite an easy flower to care for. She went on to write, "Black Velvet's flowers are described as 'charcoal black,' but in bright sunlight, you'll see that they're actually a very, very deep purple. However, in most light, they do indeed look black." She also pointed out that sometimes, the black strain of the petunia plant develops a yellow striping. You could either be disappointed by this mutation or you can embrace the unique pattern that has managed to take over your black petunia like magic.



The petunias are very easy to take care of and you can even do it yourself. The seeds are easily available online and you can get them here. You just need to remember that these plants need excellent drainage in their pots and thrive in full sunshine or partial shade. You can even start growing them indoors and have the plant germinate within two weeks. 









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