Beer Sausages Are Now A THING For The Summer And They Are Called 'Boozy Bangers!'

Beer Sausages Are Now A THING For The Summer And They Are Called 'Boozy Bangers!'

Fan of beers and sausages, Aldi has brought together the best of both the worlds and itroduced all new alcohol infused sausages.

Booze lovers, Aldi has heard your prayers and brought you a summer treat you had no idea you NEEDED in your life. Nothing screams IT'S SUMMER better than some cold beer and hot sausages and the food gods have conspired and brought us the best of both the worlds. Say hello to Boozy Bangers - aka sausages made with BEER. Yes, you read that right! Aldi is now selling these alcohol infused sausages to treat your tastebuds and BBQing and summer parties will never be the same. Available in packs of four sausages, these boozy-dreamy-sausages are now up for grabs.



For a low price of just £1.99 ($2.59) per pack, you get FOUR sausages filled with some beer-y goodness. Or, if you're more of an apple cider, healthy kinda person, there are sausages filled with apple cider available as well but if you're looking to get drunk, the beer sausages will hook you up real good. All thanks to Aldi, you can now have the best summer party of your life, and try out the three new sausage variants Boozy British Bangers, Thatcher’s Traditional Cider, and Bramley Apple and Golden Ale and Cheese.



These sausages are bigger not only taste-wise but in terms of size as well as they are about 100g per sausage when the normal ones are usually about 60g. Head to the nearest Aldi near you and try out these treats before they run out. Beer is pretty much the talk of the season and several other outlets are coming out with their beer special products. Barq's is now selling frozen root beer and ice cream tubes so you can enjoy beer this summer in every way possible.



Yes, Frozen Root Beer & Vanilla Ice Cream Float tubes are a thing now and we can't wait to try them out. Each box of this delicacy from heaven comes with 24 squeeze-up cubes, all of them containing root beer and creamy vanilla goodness. Since they are packed in tubes, you can literally take them anywhere with you and enjoy them wherever you like. God is real, people, and he is listening to all our prayers.



Talking about two good things fused together, somebody made chocolate stuffed marshmallows and we are living for IT. Now, you can buy these cute little things with the goodness of chocolate stuffed inside them and put an end to all your s'mores- related worries! And, well, I'd take chocolate filled marshmallows over the original ones any day! The more chocolate, the better. I'll take 20 packs, thank you.



"Coming soon - 4.28.19 | #StuffedPuffs #Marshmallow" Stuffed Puffs wrote on their Instagram along with a picture of the heavenly treat announcing the product, almost breaking the internet and ever since the product was launched, people just can't get enough of it. The company aims to change the way we have all been making s'mores all this while and well, it looks like it is succeeding after all.

(Stuffed Puffs)


On a different note, other than these, there's one more thing chocolate lovers should be excited about. According to reports, the classic Kit Kat we love is getting a minty makeover. An all-new mint-dark chocolate Kit Kat is coming this CHRISTMAS! While certain parts of the world enjoy various flavors of the heavenly chocolate sticks throughout the year, many others, including the US, have not been so fortunate until now!



According to professional food blogger Markie Devo, the mint flavored dark chocolate Kit Kat will hit stores near you this December. "Although we have just passed minter, it does not mean we can’t plan for. This is the upcoming @kitkat Duos. A mint & dark chocolate mixture with those wafers we oh so love," he posted on his Instagram along with a picture of the upcoming chocolate that we can't wait for! Don't know about others but 2019 is proving to be a pretty darn good year for us foodies!

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