You Can Now Get Adorable Baby Yoda Merchandise Just In Time For Christmas

You Can Now Get Adorable Baby Yoda Merchandise Just In Time For Christmas

While the actual plush doll is yet to be launched, avid fans can still lay their hands on various other items such as tees, mugs, and phone cases of the adorable alien.

There's a different type of baby fever doing rounds and it's the most adorable thing. Earlier this month, Disney+ series The Mandalorian introduced a surprise character: a cute alien called The Child.  Star Wars fans collectively dubbed it as "Baby Yoda", who has managed to capture the hearts of people around the world.  



Disney announced that merchandise featuring the character will be soon available in the days leading up to Christmas. Naturally, after witnessing this cute character, fans yearned to have a  Baby Yoda of their own.  Unfortunately, there has been no mention of the plush doll being available now. At the moment, only apparel and accessories such as t-shirts,  bags, mugs, tumblers, and phone cases of the character are available. You can get this on Amazon, Design By Humans, Hot Topic, shopDisney, Walmart, Zazzle, and 80s Tees, according to the official Star Wars site.



"A T-shirt can be done in a week, because that’s printing," Jim Silver, CEO of TTPM an online toy review store told CNBC. "An action figure can take six months. Plush is quicker, cut and sew is much quicker, maybe a couple of months." This delay in the creation of a Baby Yoda toy was because showrunners Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni wanted to keep the character's appearance under wraps. It was only after the first episode aired that manufacturing companies were given the 3D model renderings of the toy.



"Considering the limited capacity in which we have released the product. We have plans to do more. We have more product that is pending approval," Trey Swartz, director of business development at Fifth Sun, told CNBC. They are currently selling only apparel with "The Child" while the toy is being made. Sadly, Toymaker Hasbro told Vanity Fair that they will only be making toys available in 2020. 

Meanwhile, the toy gap is being filled by fans who are making and selling the toys as they impatiently wait for Disney to release the official "The Child" merchandise. For the time being, you can get a custom Baby Yoda toy made by a Russian Etsy user, MelvonANDReine.  Additionally, you can even purchase The Child-inspired plushies from Etsy and cute little accessories to go with it here.


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