11-Month-Old Baby Thinks Her Name Is 'Alexa' After Hearing Parents Talk To Amazon Echo

11-Month-Old Baby Thinks Her Name Is 'Alexa' After Hearing Parents Talk To Amazon Echo

An adorable and hilarious video of a toddler responding to 'Alexa' instead of her name is leaving netizens in splits.

Alexa has made our lives much easier. The virtual voice assistant helps us in our day to day activities. From setting reminders, alarms, creating to-do lists, to playing music on-demand, and even keeping us up-to-date with news, Alexa has done it all. While there is no denying that we have become dependent on Alexa a little too much, an 11-month-old girl named Emily thinks that her name is Alexa because her parents talk to Amazon Echo. 



Emily's mother, Charlotte Moultrie uploaded a Tik Tok video of her daughter responding to Alexa. In the video, the toddler can be seen sitting in a stroller and Charlotte saying, "So we've got a slight problem here." She goes on to call Emily by her name twice, but the baby doesn't respond. But when Charlotte says 'Alexa', the baby looks at her mother. Charlotte can be heard saying, "No, your name is Emily, not Alexa. Oh my God, what am I going to do?"

She captioned the video writing, "I think we have a bit of an issue here." Emily's parents bought Alexa when she was five months old. Since the video was uploaded, it has gone viral and has already raked 1.2 million views. While many parents said that even their toddlers do the same, others suggested Charlotte change her daughter's name. 

It looks like Emily's parents have fallen victims of omnipresent technology. Amazon Echo Dot is a hands-free smart speaker that can be controlled by your voice. It responds to the name Alexa. Emily's parents used Alexa on a daily basis to assist them during their day-to-day work and the baby must've thought that they are calling out to her. In an interview with Story Trender, Charlotte said, "Every time you shout her name, she ignores you and then I say Alexa and she looks at me. I was so worried she thought her name was Alexa when it first happened."



She continued, "Emily's crazy. She has two crazy parents. She's a big people person and wants to hug and kiss everyone. She's really a really happy baby but definitely has started throwing temper tantrums."



She added, "She does it all the time now; if she’s playing in her room or crawling away we can’t get her attention unless we shout Alexa. My husband came home from work and said we’re going to have to change the Alexa name to Echo but then we thought she might think her name is Echo!" After a user recommended Charlotte to change Alexa's name to Emily in the settings of the device, Charlotte responded saying, "Done and changed. We do it manually now mostly! Hahaha." 

Speaking about how she felt after her video went viral, Charlotte said, "I was so shocked by how viral it went. I post silly videos all the time and I thought it was quite funny but I just thought our close friends and family would see it. We got TikTok for a laugh during the lockdown. I put my phone away and woke up to thousands of likes." 

But another problem crept up while people were watching the video. TikTok user Jemima commented, "Who else’s Alexa went off." Quite a few people's Alexa had indeed responded when Charlotte called out to Alexa. 

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