Artist Crochets An Incredible, Life-Size Skeleton And It Even Has Removable Organs

Artist Crochets An Incredible, Life-Size Skeleton And It Even Has Removable Organs

Check out this Canadian artist Shanell Papp who has created a life-sized skeleton with removable organs and it took her more than eight months to complete.

We have heard and come across a lot of unusual pieces of artwork. Some of them blow our collective minds and others make us wonder what idea gave birth to a particular piece of art. Canadian artist Shanell Papp has worked in various mediums, but recently she created a life-size skeleton complete with removable organs over the span of 8 months. She named the crochet skeleton Bawdy. Her project started in 2005 when she was studying at the University of Lethbridge as an art student. She crocheted the anatomically correct figure that comes with removable organs.


In a conversation with Bored Panda, Papp said, "I began crocheting from books. It was part of my whole fascination with textiles and string. My grandmother ran a junk shop and I was encouraged to take textiles materials and examine old projects. I began to teach myself to sew, knit, crochet, rug hook, macrame, etc. I kinda had a weird set up ask a kid. Spare time and a junk shop to pick through.” The final installation of her artwork featured the skeleton laid down on a gurney with other crochet organs.




In an interview with Designboom, Papp quipped, "Before making this work I had a keen interest in medical history, Frankenstein, Enlightenment thinking, the Victorian period, the birth of industry (textile production), crime investigation, mortuary practices, and museums. I made the work to explore my interest in the human body.”




The creation of Bawdy is kind of a personal triumph for Papp, as she taught herself how to crochet at the age of 9. She added, "I was curious about the human body and I wanted to make a human body. I was interested in medical history and how we attempt to solve everything, but we are fragile.” In order to make her art look as lifelike as possible, she borrowed a human skeleton from a university and collected anatomical textbooks. She spent four months making the skeleton and another four months to make the internal organs. 



She continued, "I was interested in medicine and applied to become an x-ray technician, but never attended. I stayed in art school, I wanted to continue learning new skills with my hands and I loved talking about art. Otherwise, I still read many books on medical history, death, and crime. I am interested in knowing about all the things that scare me.”




Through Papp's artwork, we can easily understand how much can be done with wool and crochet needles. She is inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci, who used cadavers to make precise drawings of the human body. 


Papp concluded saying, "This project encouraged me to make more textile work. I was in art school at the time focusing on photography and made this as an independent studio project. Textiles were my secret skill that never had a celebrated place in contemporary art and art schools. It had no conceptual potential, it was just seen as a craft. I think this piece pushed me to push the medium and seek out other artists who work like me.”










Artist: Shanell Papp| Website| Instagram

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