This Incredible LimoBike Is A Harley-Davidson Up Front And Limousine In The Back

This Incredible LimoBike Is A Harley-Davidson Up Front And Limousine In The Back

The Limobike can fit a crowd of eight people, along with a person driving the hybrid vehicle! Getting the party started just got easier.

Ever wanted to drop by a party in style? Want to take the high road of luxury? Love bikes? Love limousines? Well, get the best of both worlds thanks to the special hybrid vehicle known as the LimoBike. According to Oddity Mall, one driver can sit upfront which consists of a Harley Davidson motorcycle. The back half consists of a part of the classy limousine. Sort of like a hardcore biker pulling along a party bus. If you thought this vehicle can only pull up 1 or 2 people, think again. The Limo Motorcycle can fit a crowd of eight people, along with 1 person driving the LimoBike! Getting the party started just got easier. 



For the automobile geeks, here's the deal. The LimoBike comes up to nearly 20 feet long. That means it takes about 1.75 tons of steel to make. What bike has been upcycled to make this one, you ask? It's made using a 2012 Harley Davidson motorcycle that's chopped up to attach the 8-person carriage onto the back of it. The bike is powered by a 5.7 liter, 350 HP V8 Chevy engine. The whole vehicle is painted in white to make it look classier. 



But wait a minute, you can't just walk into your local Harley-Davidson dealership and 'buy this limo bike. Oh no. You'll need to make a trip down under for that. The luxury ride hybrid is owned by Wildfire Tours in Queensland, Australia. Customers use it to arrive at a party looking totally badass in this baby. Sure, it's a trip halfway across the world. But hey, if you've always planned to go there, this is something you can add to your itinerary. And think about the gorgeous views as you drive along the roads of Australia, in your sweet ride. Worth it!



Whether it's a wedding or a bachelor/bachelorette party, this ride is sure to set you and your friends apart. And it's not just appearances but this hybrid has a lot to offer and comes with a ton of cool amenities too. Go on inside and you'll have everything you need for a raving party. There's air-conditioning, a bar, flat-screen television, tinted windows, vertically opening doors, and even a perch in the back that lets people stand up into the open air while cruising around. So pump up the music and just go already!


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