Anna Kendrick Plays Santa Claus' Daughter In Disney's New Christmas Movie 'Noelle'

Anna Kendrick Plays Santa Claus' Daughter In Disney's New Christmas Movie 'Noelle'

The first trailer is out and we see Santa Claus' son, played by Bill Hader, not very keen on taking over the family business. Hence, it is up to his sister, played by Anna Kendrick, to save Christmas.

Christmas may be a long time away but we are always excited to watch any holiday movie that comes our way! And with Disney releasing countless reboots for the audience, we now have a new Christmas movie our way and we are already feeling the festive mood! 

Disney has now unveiled the first trailer of the much-anticipated Christmas movie titled 'Noelle' starring Bill Hader and Anna Kendrick and we can't possibly keep calm! As reported by Variety. 



Walt Disney took to Twitter to release the trailer and wrote: “It isn’t Christmas without Santa’s Sister.” The Christmas movie will focus on the story of Santa Claus’ daughter, played by Kendrick, who has to take over the family business after her dad retires. And that's not all.

Santa Claus' son, Nick Kringle played by Hader, is not very keen on taking over so it is up to Noelle, his sister, to save Christmas. Noelle also disappears from the North Pole and heads to America to find Nick, the newly appointed Santa Claus, and save our favorite festive holiday.




Kendrick says in the trailer, “My name is Noelle Kringle,” as she starts singing for her reindeer and adds, “Christmas runs in my family.” Shirley MacLaine and Billy Eichner also star in the movie. What really stood apart for fans in the trailer was how beautifully the movie captures the aesthetics of Christmas, making it look all the more magical. 




Eichner and Kendrick were at the D23 Expo on Friday to talk about the project as part of a Disney+ showcase. “I basically do the same thing every time and everybody likes it so I keep doing it,” Eichner said, talking about his roles in Noelle and the Lion King remake. “I’m sorry I’m not Bill Hader, but he had other commitments.” As reported by EW.

'Noelle' was originally filmed for a theatrical release and Disney had also slated the Christmas movie for November 2019 release. However, it was around the same time that early plans for Disney Plus were coming together, so they decided to release it only that particular platform instead.




The movie has been written and directed by Marc Lawrence and 'Noelle' will be released on November 12 solely on Disney's new streaming service Disney Plus. If you are looking to watch Disney's holiday movies in theaters, we have “Frozen 2” starring Idina Menzel, Evan Rachel Wood, and Kristen Bell hitting the screens this year. 




Ever since fans got to see the trailer, they have taken to social media to express their delight. "This will get watched no less than 150 times between Nov 12 and Christmas Day in my house," a Twitter user said. Meanwhile, another added: See Disney, it doesn't look great but this is what we want because at least it's ORIGINAL AND NOT A REMAKE!

Watch the trailer here: 



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