Amazon Is Now Selling First-Ever 'Smart' Christmas Tree That Is Compatible With Alexa

Amazon Is Now Selling First-Ever 'Smart' Christmas Tree That Is Compatible With Alexa

Christmas tree trends have surfaced pretty early this year and it seems like Amazon is dominating the market with its innovative ideas for the holiday season.

Every year, when the holiday season begins, some popular trends seem to crop up. Similarly, this year has been no different and by the looks of it, it seems like the Christmas tree trends are dominating the market. After cactus-shaped Christmas Trees, Amazon has now come up with Christmas trees that are compatible with Alexa.



Yes, you read that right. This is especially good news for people who do not like to trim their trees. The Alexa-compatible trees will be unveiled by Amazon on their website on November 15 this year.

The product is described to be voice-activated and it is a smart Christmas tree that has teamed up with Alexa in order to make everyone's Christmas much more interactive. 



The tree has been named  Mr. Christmas 7-foot Douglas fir and the faux evergreen tree is the first-ever Alexa compatible smart tree. This Christmas tree comes with multiple voice personalities and you can easily control this tree from the comfort of your own couch. You can sit on the comfort of your own couch and voice command to Alexa to put the mood lights on. 



This Christmas Tree is also designed keeping the user-friendly point in mind and it's the ideal tree for the people who hate assembly. The smart tree is pre-wired pole-to-pole connections and the branches can also be easily arranged to ensure a full appearance. Additionally, they are designed to be flame-redundant. 



The voice-activated lighting options come in red, green, yellow, blue, purple, cyan, white, multi-color, multi-fade, multi-twinkle, multi-sparkle, blue-sparkle, and red-sparkle.

In order to set up this tree, all that you have to do is slide the tree sections together on the built-in power pole, then just plug it and start voicing commands. 



The product description on Amazon reads, "7’ Douglas fir- pre-lit LED artificial Christmas tree from Mr. Christmas that works with Alexa - select the lighting color, turn the tree lights on/off or schedule your tree to turn on at the same time every day. The 1, 750 flame retardant BRANCH tips are easily arranged to create the natural appearance of a full-bodied, genuine Christmas tree. 400 low voltage Energy saving RGB LED lights, enable you to customize your tree to match your holiday décor."

"Choose between red, green, yellow, blue, purple, Cyan, white, multi-color, multi-fade, multi-twinkle, multi-sparkle, blue-sparkle or red-sparkle to create a unique effortless display. Slide the tree sections together and the pre-wired pole-to-pole connection enables automatic lighting and eliminates messy cords. No extra plugs necessary, lighting your tree and connecting to Alexa is as simple as plugging it in and using your voice," it concludes. 

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