Alice Cooper Wants Johnny Depp To Play Him In A Biopic And It Needs To Happen

Alice Cooper Wants Johnny Depp To Play Him In A Biopic And It Needs To Happen

"If Johnny Depp were just better looking, he could play me,” the rock icon joked.

If you are a rock fan, there is no way you would not have heard the name of Alice Cooper. One of the biggest names in rock history, Cooper has had a successful career spanning over 50 years and it is a sheer testament to the legendary status he has achieved over the years. With a remarkable career as long as that, it is quite common that fans expect a biopic.




Be it, Freddie Mercury or Elton John, biopics have always been a great alternate way to immortalize one's work. And now in a recent interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Alice Cooper was asked who he'd like to play him in a biopic. The answer was not very surprising, considering he chose Johnny Depp, a Hollywood icon who knows the craft of acting more than most people around.




According to NME, it all happened in 2012, when Cooper met Johnny Depp on the set of the movie “Dark Shadows.” The rock icon even had a cameo in that movie. Both the legends built their friendship from there and soon found themselves playing in the same supergroup together, Hollywood Vampires.  




When Cooper was initially asked if he'd actually wanted a biopic, he responded: “I hope it’s not of those where we get to die first… Usually it’s gonna happen with bands that were extremely commercially successful, whereas Alice was successful and we sold a lot of records, but I did not appeal to everybody."




“I was definitely on the darker side. And I think that it would make a great movie, myself. And if Johnny Depp were just better looking, he could play me,” he joked.




Cooper continued: “Johnny would be the best guy to play me because he really likes to take those characters that nobody else wants to play. And he loves prosthetics — he would get my nose in there and the whole thing like that. He knows me well enough now where he could imitate me pretty well, I’m pretty sure.”




As soon as the internet got to know about this interview, they couldn't contain their excitement and even said this biopic needs to happen. One Twitter user said: "I can see that. Alice looks incredible for his age. Johnny just looks incredible." Meanwhile, another user said: "That would be totally awesome.!! Would absolutely love love to see it. Johnny would blow it out of the water. The exact same way he does all his movies. A third quipped in saying: Who wouldn’t want Johnny Depp to play the lead role in their life story. 




Even at the age of 72, Alice Cooper seems like he is not done with music anytime soon. The iconic rockstar recently shared a new song titled ‘Don’t Give Up’, that is about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. “It’s a song about what we’ve all been going through right now and about keeping our heads up and fighting back together,” Cooper said in a statement. “And whatever you do – Don’t Give Up!” 

Would you like to see Johnny Depp play Alice Cooper in his biopic? Let us know! 

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