'American Horror Story' Fans Are Calling 'AHS: 1984' The Worst Season Ever

'American Horror Story' Fans Are Calling 'AHS: 1984' The Worst Season Ever

The finale of the latest season of American Horror Story aired recently and the fans of the show have been majorly disappointed.

The ninth season of 'American Horror Story', titled '1984' has finally ended and longtime fans of the show are not really happy about it. In fact, most of them feel that this is the worst season in 'American Horror Story' ever.

It has been a trend for the entire AHS franchise that during every season finale, it tends to divide fans into two broad spectrums. 



It has been observed by everyone that series creator Ryan Murphy has been introducing a new theme in every single season and viewers either end up adoring what he's come up with or eagerly awaiting his next concept.

The latest season of AHS, titled '1984' was based in Camp Redwood, which is a terrifying summer camp. The place is filled with serial killers, ghosts of serial killers, and it involves a lot of bloodsheds. 



Only nine episodes from the season have aired and it has already ended. But what did the fans think about the ninth season? It seems like some of the fans were left disappointed and many have taken it to social media to voice out their displeasure.

'1984' has an amazing cast that included Emma Roberts, Cody Fern, and Billie Lourd. Apart from that, the newcomers included the likes of Zach Villa, Angelica Ross, and DeRon Horton. All of them similarly stole the show. 



But,  a number of fans couldn't agree with the fact that Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson were missing for the first time ever. One fan tweeted saying, "I’m gonna need the OGs back next season to redeem #AHS1984. Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters have now entered the chat".

There were others who were not entirely happy with the plot of the show. The title of the show is linked to George Orwell's classic dystopian novel of the same name. Hence, a lot of viewers were waiting for a twist that would somehow relate to the novel but nothing as such happened. 



Another user tweeted, saying, "Why #AHS1984 was the worst season ever: whole season was predictable, boring af but excessively gory, plot line that went NOWHERE".

Additionally, there were multiple theories put forward by fans like the camp was being monitored similar to Cabin in the Woods but it wasn't. Apart from that, there were others who were disappointed to see 1984 repeat the same themes as Murder House and Hotel. 



Another user tweeted saying, "AHS1984 was the worst season of AHS! It never went anywhere or did anything new. So disappointing." Of course, there were people who enjoyed the entire show thoroughly and especially enjoyed the appearances by Lily Rabe, Finn Wittrock, and Dylan McDermott.

Some fans of the show also liked that this season was comparatively light-hearted and had kind of a happy ending. 

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