Sweet Mommy Duck Brings Her Cute Newborn Ducklings To Visit Nursing Home Residents Every Spring

Sweet Mommy Duck Brings Her Cute Newborn Ducklings To Visit Nursing Home Residents Every Spring

Residents and employees at the MM Ewing Continuing Care Center witnessed the heartwarming moment a mama duck hatched new ducklings and took a tour of the facility.

The cuteness of animals knows no bounds. These adorable friends of ours always manage to pep up our day and put smiles all around with their sweet and lovable little actions. Of course, we are used to cats, dogs and even hamsters exhibiting their endearing nature. But what about ducklings? Have you experienced these fellas up close? It's quite appealing!  

Take a look at this mommy duck for instance. She visits the same hospital every single year to hatch a new family. The MM Ewing Continuing Care Center in Canandaigua, in upstate New York has welcomed a certain mother duck every spring for multiple years now.

She is right on time every year as it has become her official nesting home. Her punctuality is perfect and she leaves with her newborn ducklings after taking a lovely little stroll around the complex. They manage to say hello to all of the residents before saying goodbye to them... only to return again the very next year.



This heartwarming gesture by the mother duck and her little ducklings was photographed this spring by the employees of the MM Ewing Continuing Care Center, who shared the story on the official Thompson health (the parent company of the facility) Facebook page.

They wrote: "Every year, mama follows the same path. Facility Services associates - one of whom said, "She has us trained" - have old signage to gently guide her and her babies in case they look like they're about to get sidetracked. They head to the light from an open door at the end of the corridor."



The page also posted photos of the mama duck with the newest additions to her family. Among the images shared, the first picture had the mommy duck by the corridor closely followed by her ducklings who walked in a well-organized line.

The next one had one of the employees at the facility hold the door open for this charming family as the ducklings were led by their mama outside the building and into the open field that surrounds it. The third and fourth photos showed the family walking through a field of thick grass. And the final one had a happy resident of the facility watching the family leave the premises with much delight. 



Up until this year, this amazing appearance of the mother duck and her little ones was only known to the residents of the facility, but this time around, they managed to share it with the whole world.

Users on Facebook were in awe of the sight and let Thompson Health know that this story truly made their day, week and month. One user Jenifer Gray Cheney wrote: "I can’t even stand how cute this is! If this is annual, she must realize it’s a safe place".  Another individual Marilou Baker added: "It's wonderful to see a mama take care of her children. God bless and also kudos for the door holder".

Yet another happy person, Loreta Buchanan stated: "Thank you for sharing. That is so precious. Mrs. Duck is very smart and wise [for] protecting her young".


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