6'9" Olympian Turns Into Resident Evil's Tall Vampire Lady In Incredible Makeover

6'9" Olympian Turns Into Resident Evil's Tall Vampire Lady In Incredible Makeover

Lisina is a bronze medal-winning Olympian with the Russian basketball team.

Say hello to Ekaterina Lisina, a bronze medal-winning Olympian with the Russian basketball team. She is now a model and has displayed one of the most amazing cosplays we ever imagined possible. She went on to depict Resident Evil's Lady Dimitrescu, and you will not believe just how striking the resemblance is. Just take a look at these amazing photographs and see for yourself. It wasn't easy to make this possible though, as it took the combined efforts of an entire team to get the photoshoot to look this fantastic. 



The dress she is wearing is made by osqurobviously, while her hair and makeup were done by beautybyblas. The amazing photos were taken by nikolayshlykov, while shotbyshepherd took care of the photo editing part, as assistance was provided by lugovskav and themushroomxiii. Regarding the nature of Lady Dimitrescue, she stands tall at 9'6", meanwhile Lisina is "only" 6'9" which is still pretty amazing. It's rather interesting to put those numbers in context, especially since this entire photoshoot was done solo. 



When we first saw trailers released by Capcom (the creator of the Resident Evil game franchise), we found that Lady Dimitrescue is a mutant-human and the likely matriarch of her family. She hails from a distant Eastern European country where Castle Dimitrescu is one of the primary locations in the game. Much of her origins and that of her family, remain a shocking mystery. It is unsure whether she was born with the Progenitor disease or only contracted it later. Among her many traits following the infection is the ability to elongate her fingernails into razor-sharp claws. 



According to the series' lore, Dimitrescu was a follower of a Satanic witch-cult that practiced vampirism and human sacrifices for sustenance. In the game's timeline, she was regularly engaging in these acts since the 1950s and had also successfully mutated three women into vampires by 1958. The most recent game to showcase Dimitrescue was Maiden, an exclusive Playstation 5 demo released on January 21 after Capcom's Resident Evil Showcase, which highlighted the majorly-hyped upcoming release of Resident Evil Village. 




Meanwhile, on the big screen we have Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City ready to release via Sony Pictures on September 3rd. The film stars Kaya Scodelario, Robbie Amell, Hannah John-Kamen, Avan Jogia, Tom Hopper, Lily Gao, Neal McDonough, and Donal Logue. “The movie is very much an origin story for ‘Resident Evil,'” Director Johannes Roberts said. “It’s an ensemble piece, and Raccoon City plays a big part and is a character in the movie. It’s about this group of people all coming from different angles — some coming into town, some already having grown up in this town — meeting over this one fateful night.” “The big thing for me on this movie is tone. The thing that I loved with the games as they were just scary as hell, and that is very much the atmosphere,” Roberts added. “It’s raining constantly, it’s dark, it’s creepy… and then mixed with the sort of more fun side, especially with the first game, of what’s round the corner, that kind of style of storytelling.”




Be sure to check out more amazing pics of Ekaterina's modelling and cosplay on her Instagram page

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