This Little Boy Wanted To Be 'Pants' For Halloween, So He Dressed Up As One

This Little Boy Wanted To Be 'Pants' For Halloween, So He Dressed Up As One

The toddler also picked out his mom and dad's Halloween costumes and they are just as out-of-the-box as his.

Alright, it seems as though we finally have a winner for the 'Greatest Halloween Costume Of All Time' competition. Sorry, elaborate costume enthusiasts. All the blood, sweat, time, effort, and money you put into that extravagant Game Of Thrones ensemble may have been for nothing because an itty-bitty 2-year-old has proved that sometimes it's all about the simple ideas. This impressive lad decided to dress up as a pair of pants—yes, PANTS—for Halloween and trust me when I say this, it's a whole mood! 

Jeffrey Bien—the father of the 2-year-old who won Halloween—said: "I still don't know where this came from. We were just wanting to find out what he wanted to be for Halloween, so we asked."




Bien revealed that the idea to dress up as a walking pair of jeans was his son's alone and that the lad was super clear about his vision for the look. Pants, just a simple pair of pants. Simple, yet genius! Tweeting a picture of his son in the masterpiece of a costume, Bien wrote: I just want everyone to know that my two-year-old insisted on being "pants" for Halloween.

Twitterverse just couldn't get enough of the munchkin's unique outfit.











The tweet was also flooded with photos of other little costume experts who also thought out-of-the-box for their Halloween ensembles.



















Bien's munchkin's pants outfit was no last-minute decision. Apparently, the idea had been in the works for weeks. Bien revealed that he and his wife, Emmie, were trying to explain the holiday to their son by showing him pictures of costumes and children dressed up as superheroes. When they finally asked him what he wanted to be, the 2-year-old said "pants" with the confidence only kids can muster. 



Although the Biens thought he'd forget about it in a couple of days—he is 2-years-old, after all—they were sorely mistaken. "We'll be like, 'Look at the picture of this kid dressed for Halloween. Do you want to be a monkey or a rooster?'" Bien revealed. "'No, pants. Pants instead.' Just, 'Pants instead," he said his son would say. He explained that the boy has a "strong personality and he likes what he likes, and doesn't like what he doesn't like." The little one also had ideas about what his parents should dress up as. He requested my wife be “a big shirt” and I “a purple hat” and we complied because we love him very much/ don’t know how to say no yet, Bien tweeted.


"I think the point where we took it more seriously is when he wanted her to be a shirt and it was, 'He's really serious,'" Bien, a physician at Stanford University said. "My wife just ran with it." When Emmie took the toddler to the store to find a pair of jeans big enough to fit up to his shoulders, he managed to find her costume for her. "He picked out the shirt and said that was the one. I was going as a shirt," she said. "Once we asked him what I should be, he said a hat. He was very insistent that I should be purple," Bien added.

"He just really likes having fun with people. He could tell he was drawing some attention, and he just took it in stride," the proud father explained. "My favorite part of everything was when we finished trick-or-treating. He flopped down in the hall with this bag and his most prized possession: a full orange."

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