15 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Black Cat And Give Them A Forever Home

15 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Black Cat And Give Them A Forever Home

With Halloween just around the corner, there are many bizarre superstitions about black cats and all of them are absolutely false.

Many people around the world have a stigma about black cats. Many think black cats bring bad luck and because of such superstitions, they are less likely to get adopted. Back in the day, access to education was rare, and maybe that's why people used to make up a lot of things that barely made any sense scientifically. There are a lot of people who say black cats are related to witches and that is the reason they are not treated the same way as other cats.



But there are other places in the world where black cats are considered lucky. In countries like Scotland, a black cat arriving at your home is believed to bring prosperity. In Japan and Britain, a black cat crossing your path is said to bring good luck. And now without further ado, here are 15 reasons why you should adopt a black cat and give them a forever home. 

1. You will wake up to this cute little face every day


2. They are extremely loveable 


3. Black cats are usually very fluffy


4. They look like Toothless 


5. They are very photogenic


6. But they are experts at making goofy faces too 


7. They love to dress up


8. They get along exceptionally well with dogs 



9. They adjust just fine with other cats


10. They have the most mesmerizing pair of eyes 


11. They will give you all the attention in the world 


12. They are very fancy 


13. They are always up for a good time 


14. You should definitely get a black cat...because 


15. Adopting one will be the best decision of your life


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