14 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Black Cat And Give Them A Forever Home

14 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Black Cat And Give Them A Forever Home

Preparing well in advance for Halloween might sometimes mean giving a black cat a furrever home

Black cats always get a bad rep as they are said to bring about bad luck, and associated with black magic and witchcraft. Even though there is no proof to back these claims, thanks to these superstitions, these black felines are also adopted a lot less than other cats. However, in some parts of the world, these adorable felines are considered to be lucky, believe it or not. Take, for example, in Scotland a black cat found coming to your house is said to be a sign of prosperity. Meanwhile, in both Japan and Britain, black cats crossing your path is considered a sign of good luck and not bad. For that reason alone, we would love to see each of them find a forever home, and here are 14 reasons why you should adopt a black cat this year!

1. They Love Dressing Up



2. You Get To See Adorable Goofy Faces All Day



3. They Are Very Photogenic



4. They Can Sometimes Resemble Toothless



5. Black Cats Tend To Be Very Fluffy



6. They Love To Laze Around Your Space



7. Their Curiosity Will Melt Your Hearts



8. Who Can Resist This Face Every Morning?



9. You can bet they're waiting up for you



10.  You will be their whole world



11. Their eyes stand out more than others



12. They adjust well with other cats


13. They get along with dogs just fine as well



14. You get a new family member


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