It's Official: '13 Reasons Why' Season 3 Is FINALLY Coming This Halloween With Original Cast

It's Official: '13 Reasons Why' Season 3 Is FINALLY Coming This Halloween With Original Cast

The teen drama series which drove the world CRAZY is making a comeback and here is everything you need to know about the upcoming season.

Yes, 13 Reasons Why is returning for season 3 since Netflix decided to give the extremely controversial series another go soon after the first season achieved great viewer ratings but stirred the pot on social media and a large number of people asked the streaming site to cancel the show altogether.

But well, Netflix is loving the attention the show gets, be it negative or positive and is now gearing up for season 3, canceling the shows people actually wanted to watch. Currently, in development, the American teen drama is making a comeback and set to return soon. Ready or not, here it comes!

Based on the celebrated novel by Jay Asher, the upcoming season 3 will continue from where the second season left and pick up events from there onwards. Netflix has tried keeping their lips shut when it comes to anything from the cast details to the plot but recently, Zack Prusack, who plays Jock in the show, took to Twitter and posted a picture, accidentally revealing the highly anticipated release date of season 3.

"13 Reasons Why season 3. October 2019 ! Let’s go !" the actor tweeted and the internet is freaking out, relieved that their favorite show is coming this Halloween season.

Currently, all we know is the fact it is coming this October but that is all. No specific date yet, just the month is known and well, fans can use any details they can get. What do we know for sure so far? Hannah Baker is done for, this time for real.

According to Narcity, Katherine Langford who pretty much WAS THE SHOW is no longer returning to the Netflix show, not even as a dead person in tape or flashbacks. Katherine's character will no longer be on the show and it will be quite interesting to see how the show will move forward now.

“Hannah...I love you...and I let you go.’ Those are the words I was able to say six months ago, and now can finally share with you as my journey on [13 Reasons Why] has officially come to an end," the actress posted on her Instagram, announcing her character's departure.



As if the controversial topic of suicide wasn't triggering enough for Netflix, according to Anne Winters, who plays Chloe in the show, season 3 will include way MORE sensitive topics including abortion. The show has been previously called out for sensitive topics like suicide, sexual assault, and mass shootings. Season 2's mass shooting incident's aftermath will be reflected in season 3 and if you can deal with that, cross your fingers for October.



Brian Yorkey, the showrunner, is super stoked for season 3 and believes there is plenty of stories left in characters of the show which can stretch 13 Reasons Why further.

"I always think there's more story to tell, but I think that depends on viewers and everyone's reaction to it and whether it's important to keep telling the story. If there is a future for the show, to me, it's about these characters, and not necessarily a new set of reasons or a new set of tapes. Someone else might do that, but that's not my job to do that," he revealed.



Dylan Minnette, who plays Clay Jensen in the show has assured fans that the wait and the secrecy around season 3 will be totally worth it!

"I know i never really tweet about 13 reasons why but i gotta say some of these last few scripts of season 3 are the show’s best. alright that’s all," the actor tweeted. In addition to Dylan, Christian Navarro (Tony Padilla), Brandon Flynn (Justin Foley), Justin Prentice (Bryce Walker) and Alisha Boe (Jessica Davis) will be coming back to reprise their roles. Will you be watching?

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